The Rainbow Room

As two of the most colourful names in the industry right now, Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead form the formidable design duo, 2LG Studio. Their style is utterly distinctive – bold and quirky with a restrained sophistication that anchors every space to make it appear effortlessly cool. Having recently undergone a large renovation in their own home in South London, they are not shy when it comes to a project so we were thrilled to work with them here at Crown!

2LG took the idea of the rainbow and put a personal twist on it – to make a happy statement, a celebration of diversity and an expression of love in all its multi-colours. And we absolutely loved the results. As they say in their blog, which you can read here, why choose just one colour to play with when you can use several?

behind the scenes


The brief was to express ourselves with colour – our personal approach to colour. The world can feel quite dark right now so we wanted to make a happy statement, one that expresses our strong belief in openness and diversity and connection. This is our expression of love in all its multi colours. Why choose just one colour to play with when you are given the opportunity to use several? So we immediately took the idea of a rainbow and picked colours that fit in with the standard make up of a rainbow, but with our personal twist.

There are so many different reds and greens and yellows etc, so we loved looking outside the box and finding which of those colours stood out of the crown palettes, within that classic framework. Then we allowed ourselves to use each of those colours once within our design – The Rainbow Room. Because Love is Love, in all its beautiful diversity.

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