Interior designer, business owner and fearless colour lover Sarah Akwisombe. From the bright colours of the eBay ads (see it here) to her own ‘colour pop’ residential design projects, Sarah is known for her love of bright, impactful colours. And that means she’s definitely on our wavelength!

Choosing a combination of our shades to create a look reminiscent of acid 90s colours but with neutral tones to earth the colour palette, we love how Sarah’s Vaporwave inspired set has turned out – including her fantastic props. Read more about Sarah’s inspiration here

behind the scenes


I knew pretty early on that I wanted to take my obsession with Vaporwave and bring it to life. Vaporwave is basically an appropriation of 80s-90s internet culture. I grew up in the 90s making websites on geocities using stuff that looks like the whole Vaporwave aesthetic and it influences a lot of my design choices now (think kitsch, tacky and in your face). Crown had four colours that really suited this style: Lavender cupcake, Peek-a-boo Blue (a vivid sky blue), Rebel (a charcoal dark grey) and clay white.

Lavender Cupcake and Peek-a-boo blue worked so well together. The ombre effect was exactly what I had in mind. They’re reminiscent of acid 90s colours and were similar enough in tone to create a blended look. The Clay white and Rebel are perfect for creating a grid. I always like to mix in some neutral colours to really ‘earth’ a colour palette, even if it’s as in your face as Lavender and sky blue!

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