Warm Neutrals

Writer, photographer and interior stylist, Abi Dare is the founder of ‘These Four Walls’ blog, and is famous for sharing design inspiration from her home city of Bristol, and beyond. Her signature style has delicate Scandinavian influences that culminate in an Instagram grid that is calm, relaxing and beautifully sophisticated.

We love how Abi has used our colours to show that creating a soothing scheme for your home doesn’t mean boring or cold. Her choice of lovely warm neutrals, with textures and natural tones in accessories and furniture created a look that we would want to show off – as well as cosy up in. Read more about Abi’s colour choices here

behind the scenes


Faced with hundreds of beautiful Crown colours to choose from, I was a bit like a kid in a sweet shop. But eventually I decided to create a minimalist yet inviting seating corner using a duo of honeyed beige tones – ‘High Line’ and ‘On the Rocks’ – offset by a mid-grey called ‘Soft Shadow’. To show that colour needn’t be restricted to walls and ceilings, I also added a hanging panel in an earthy pink known as ‘Hare’, and two pedestals painted in soft ‘Sail White’.

For the rest of the furniture and accessories, I chose pieces with natural tones and textures that echoed the shades on the walls, along with a few brass, black and marble elements to add a striking, sophisticated edge.

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